WFDF 2013 World Under-23 Ultimate Championships disc

WFDF 2013 World Under-23 Ultimate Championships disc

ultimate U23 WM 2013 disc_20140430093517309

U23 2013 WFDF Championships disc – Toronto

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This is the disc of the 2013 under 23 World Ultimate Championships which took place in Toronto in July 2013 – find more information and It is from a team-mate and I took this picture at practice. I hope to list other disc from official WFDF tournaments around the world here soon. If you have one, please help me and send a picture and short description of the disc.

The logo in the center mixes the Maple Leaf Flag and ultimate elements elegantly together.

Mayan disc design

Mayan disc design

Mayan Design ultimate frisbee disc

Mayan Design by Jason Husveth – ultimate frisbee disc

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Loading...I do not own this disc, but it would look beautiful on my (soon to ready) wall of discs.

Jason, the designer has chosen a Mayan motif. He did research on Mayan glyphs and their underlying meaning. in the center of the disc you can see graphics showing the Mayan ball game which was an important cultural ritual of the Mayan civilization. For information – see his page, link below.

All the inspiration he got from his research ended in this hand drawn artwork. It would be a pity to throw this disc.

This disc set is limited to 100 discs (50 black – on white disc, 25 metallic blue on white disc, 25 metallic blue on yellow disc)

Mayan Design – Regulation Ultimate Discs (Discraft 175g). Original artwork © Jason Husveth and John Storkamp 2012 -2013.

You can buy this beautiful disc on his etsy shop.


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