Endzonis Team Disc 1996

A Teamdisc from Endzonis, Germany. It must be from 1995/1996, a time when personal computers and graphics software became available for everybody. This design is made with the use of a 3D Software. The design from the beachtournament a year later looks more artistic...

Red Is Sarnen – Team Disc from 1995/96

This is the only disc I have from Red Is. Are there newer ones flying around? I would really like to get some pictures, please help me! I've only been at the wonderful tournament in Sarnen once, 1995, and enjoyed it very much. I was lucky enough to bee drawn in the...

135g TeenPro Disc from Yikuni Sports China

The first Disc Made in China I do own. I did order it directly from YikunSports in China. It's almost similar to Discrafts J*Star (145g) but weights only 135g. It's a perfect flying disc for smaller kids not able to handle the bigger 175g Ultrastar Discs.

Disconnection Disc from 2004?

  An german Team Disc, from Disconnection one of the older German Frisbee Teams (established 1987). Showing some Frisbee players in action - making a layout. In the center of the disc, the Freiburger Münster (Church) is shown. I like this Discraft very much -...

Discshoppe.com Limited Edition 2002

I bought this disc some years ago together with bunch of other nice discs designed by www.discshoppe.com - now www.internetdiscshop.com. They still sell very nice discs which differ from the normal ultrastar design. I have this disc in plain white and also as a glow...

Sun off the beach 1997 Beachtournament Disc

A disc with one of the most beautifull and detail rich handrawn motiv I know. Made by the German Team Endzonis, organizers of the second oldest anual beachtournament in Europe - since 1996.

WUCC 2002 Hawaii limited Playersdisc

A picture of the limited players disc of the 2002 World Ultimate Club Champioships in Honolulu, Hawaii. A great spot to play ultimate frisbee. And also a great design they put together on this disc.

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